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Sheep Pens

Sheep Pens is a board game based on Pen the Pigs (AKA dots and lines, AKA squares)

See here for how to make your own Pig Pens physical board game to play at home.

It is a simple game aimed at children from 4 years and up.

 The video game is mostly the same as the physical game.


Player  Setup

At the start of the game you can enter the names for up to 4 players.

The game will remember the player names each time.

When you enter a player name the game assumes that player will be playing and puts a tick next to their name.

The player can be "unticked" at any time meaning they will not be playing in this game but still allowing their name to be saved so they can play another time.

Any player that is "unticked" will not show up in play.


If only 1 player is ticked then play will be against the computer. Be careful it's very very good!



  1. Each Player picks a colour of sheep and is given

    * 6 sheep for a 2 player game

    * 5 sheep for a 3 player game

    * 4 sheep for a 4 player game

  2. Play starts with the Pink sheep and moves clockwise

  3. Each player takes a turn going to the barn to get a fence piece. Spin the spinner to find out what you get from the barn.

    * 1 Fence piece - Take a fence piece and place it on the board at the edge of a square

    * 2 Fence pieces - Take 2 fence pieces and place them on the board at the edges of squares

    * Naughty Sheep - The naughty sheep runs away - miss this turn

  4. Closing a pen - If you can place a fence piece to finish a square then you win that square - 1 of your sheep will jump in that square and BAA with satisfaction!

  5. The winner is the first player to pen all of their sheep.




It's a good idea not to give pens away. Try to place your fences so that the next player can't steal a pen from you.

It's a good lesson for young children to learn

 If you wish to contact me about the game you can do so through this website or twitter @JamesADurie or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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