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Bubble Pops


The bubble factory has gone in to overdrive 

The bubbles are getting everywhere and need to be cleaned up

Are you game enough to clear the bubbles from every level?

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Bangy Dots!

Match 3 with a difference

My god, it's full of dots... 

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Feel the Zen

A simple relaxing puzzle game.. Sit back, clear your mind, and pop bubbles 

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Gem Smashing Puzzle Fun!

In geometry a prismatoid is a polyhedron where all vertices lie in two parallel planes... We don't know what that means either - so lets just SMASH THEM!. Prismatoids is a fast paced geometric object matching game. Match falling shapes as they land in groups of 3 or more to watch them explode and get points. But the game gets faster as you play. See how far you can get and challange your friends to do better!


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