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Feel the Zen

A simple relaxing puzzle game.. Sit back, clear your mind, and pop bubbles 


BubbleZen is a simple but wildly addictive casual game.

Do you like popping bubble wrap? Don't deny it, it's one of life's simple pleasures. Now you can have that same joy on the go. But this isn't a bubble wrap popping simulator, BubbleZen is an addictive matching puzzle game with the same satisfying qualities as popping bubbles.

The objective is simple... When two or more bubbles of the same colour touch each other you can pop them. You will see a grid of coloured bubbles on your screen. Simply look for two or more of the same colour next to eachother. Tap once on any of the bubble that you see matching to select them and then touch again to pop them. It's that simple, well... almost. You want to get higher scores, right? The more bubbles you pop at one time the higher the score you get. Pop two bubbles and get 2 points.. Pop three and you get 6 points... But pop ten at once and you get a whopping 90 points! So clearly you want to think ahead and work our how to get the biggest pops you can. As you pop bubbles the ones above will fall to fill the space. If you plan carefully you can try to orchestrate some spectacular pops worth huge points. Maybe you can even clear the whole board!

You'll be amazed how addictive this simple game can be.

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