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Bangy Dots!

Match 3 with a difference

My god, it's full of dots... 


Bangy Dots is a simple but wildly addictive puzzle game.

The objective is simple - make matches of 3 or more dots of the same colour by swapping their places.

Matches can be horizontal or vertical. When you have made a line of dots they will merge together into a bigger dot... growing until they burst in a shower of colour that feeds other dots.

Get cascades of explosions for even higher scores. As you progress the levels get more and more challenging. Leter levels introduce solid walls, breakable walls, warps, and som really devious level design.

You will need to get at least one star on each level to pass on to the next, but be sure to go back and challenge yourself and your friends to get three stars on each level! Some levels have time limits to finish and other levels award more stars for finishing faster.

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How to play

Bangy Dots is a match 3 game. The player needs to make a line of 3 or more dots of the same colour either horizontally or vertically.

This is achieved by swapping to dots, either horizontally or vertically, so that one of those dots makes a match. If neither makes a match they will return to their starting positions.

When a match is made the other dots in the match merge with the dot that was moved to make a bigger dot. Other dots fall down from above to fill the newly created gaps potentially creating new matches which also merge and so on.

When the game starts all of the dots are size 1 and as they merge they can grow to be sizes 2, 3, or 4. Bigger than that and the dots are unstable and go POP! and chunks fly out to merge with other dots of the same colour. If a chunk merges with a size 4 dot then it will also go POP! and create a cascade which is worth more points.



Scoring is simple. When a dot merges it score 10 times its size so a size 1 dot will score 10 and a size 3 dot will score 30. When a dot explodes it scores 100 times it size, so a size 5 pop is worth 500 points and a size 10 is worth 1000 points. When a cascade occurs the score is multiplied by the level of the cascade so a first cascade (secondary explosion) size 5 explosion would be worth 1000 points and a second cascade size 5 explosion would be worth 1500 points and so on.



For most levels the score determines the number of stars awarded. On some levels there are a number of dots of specific colours that need to be collected in order to get that first star. Dots are only collected when they pop. On some levels the stars are also time based for example less than 80 seconds to get 1 star, less than 70 to get 2 stars, and less than 60 seconds to get 3 stars.

The player can only move to the next level when at least 1 star has been awarded.

Levels are grouped in to pages of 4. To progress to the next page of levels it is necessary to obtain at least 9 stars on that page in any combination over the 4 levels. The player can opt to watch a short reward ad instead to allow progress to the next page if less than 9 stars have been awarded.


Level Types

Levels can be 1 of 3 sizes, either 5, 7, or 9 rows of dots but can also be odd shapes. They can also have different limits on the length of play. Some levels are limited by the number of moves available. Some are limited by the amount of time available and some are limited by a requirement to collect a particular colour of dot. When a collection requirement is in place with no moves or time limit then the level is over when at least that many dots are collected. If a moves or time limits is in place as well then the level is over only when the moves or time run out but the correct number of dots has to have been collected to get the first star.

Level limits can be mixed so it is possible to have 1, 2 or 3 limit requirements on any level.


Special Blocks

There are 4 type of special blocks

Blank - Dots can't occupy a blank space but they can pass through it

Unbreakable - Dots can't go through this space and have to go around. The block cannot be damaged.

Breakable - Dots can't go through this space while it is occupied. A POP! next to the block will do damage to it. Horizontally or vertically adjacent pops will break it in two causing the pieces to fly off the screen. Diagonal pops will do damage according to how big the pop was. Two diagonal pops will break the block. When a block has been damaged the pieces vibrate according to how unstable they are. When a breakable has been broken then the space can be occupied by a dot.

Warps - A warp will move a dot from one position in the level to another. A level can have up to 3 warps all matched by their colour.



The best strategy to use depends on the type of limits on the level. At the beginning most levels are limited by the number of moves so the best strategy is to make moves near the bottom of the screen to maximise the chance of secondary merges. Also sometimes it is better not to go for the biggest explosion but to go for the chance of cascading explosions as these are worth a lot more points.

On a time limited level the best strategy is to make as many moves as possible in the time allowed. Have your next move lined up before your previous move has finished. In 90 seconds it should be possible to make about 25 moves.



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