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FunTime Cards For Kids

Category: Games Published: Friday, 15 December 2017 Written by James Durie


A world of creative and imaginative play

FunTime Cards For Kids is a nice simple game for young kids to play to pass the time on long journeys or any situation where they're likely to be bored without an activity to keep them occupied.

This game is best played on a tablet or large phone screen

Some cards are simple fun things to do like paint or draw. Some require a little more figuring out like a maze or trace the path. The cards in the set include.

Spot the Difference
Dot to Dot
Complete The Pattern
Draw a picture to fit the card


And so much more

Here is a video of my daughter Ellie playing the game and explaining what she is doing to give you an idea of how the game works.


Get it on Google Play


The screen is laid out with a menu button at the top left with options for this about box, wipe the card clean, shuffle the cards and share image.

At top right is the drawing tool selector button, press this to get a choice of things for this card that the child can draw with. The tools could be:

A Pen

A Pencil

A Crayon

A Paint Brush

An Eraser

Choose one from the pop-up menu to make that the current tool. The child can then draw (or erase) with that implement on the card in the middle.

What things are available is different for each card. On an odd-one-out card there is usually only one pen available.

Where it is a painting card it will be a set of brushes in a range of colours. The eraser is always available.

Each card has a title and underneath buttons to favorite this card, show the description and share the picture.

The card may also include a small hint at the bottom.

At the bottom left and right are buttons for previous and next cards. When the card is changed the childs drawing is saved to the device and will re-appear the next time they go to that card.

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